Facts You May Not Know About Water

We could not deny the fact that water is one of our essentials. Without water, our world will turn up-side-down. We could not have a healthy body and clean environment without sufficient supply of water. When we do not have enough water, we will surely experience stress and hassle. However, with this situation, many people have taken advantage of water. Many do not think about the importance of water and tend to disregard its proper use. They do not think that many people suffered lots of things because of the insufficient supply of water.

Today, we must keep in mind to use our water very well. We need to be careful in using it because it might be taken away in the future. With our drinking water, we need to ensure that it is safe. We need to ensure that it is free from germ, virus, and other elements that cause diarrhea. Apart from that, we need to examine the supplier of the water we are about to consume. They must have license and certification that will justify their services. Well, with your daily supply of water, Kangen water in France is the best and wise option. They are one of the top-most water providers today that has it all! You will have peace of mind and assurance that the water you and your family drink is the best because that is what you deserve!

Well, you must say that you have many information and knowledge about water. You might think that you have obtained the necessary information you need about water. But, upon reading the following facts, you might have additional information about water.

  1. Did you know that there are 663 millions of people that do not have access to safe and quality drinking water? Yes, you read it right! In statistic, 1 out of 9 people does not have access to water like you do. With this, you need to use safe drinking water wisely.
  2. Did you know that when you spend a minute in the shower, you can use 20 liters of water and up? Yes! and some Africans cannot consume that type of water even for drinking.
  3. World Health Organization provides a guideline that 20 liters of water is enough for our daily chores at home. We can use this amount for cooking, basic drinking, hand washing, and many more. However, when you have a business or some tasks that need too much water, this guideline will not be applicable.
  4. Did you know that some parts of Asia and Africa, women tend to carry huge amount of water in distant places? Just to have and access clean and safe water, women tend to carry twenty kilograms of water every day. Also, most women over the world will consume millions of hours to collect water. These hours can be used for education and many more.
  5. Did you know that when a school has a well-established sanitation facility and has enough water supplies, the attendance of the students is almost perfect? Yes you read it right! They can learn and discover new things when they are hydrated.

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